After Your Order is Dispatched:

Our vendor will update the tracking number for your order to our systems. We will then email you the tracking number for your order’s courier company, based on your email preferences. Depending on the designated courier for delivery, there may sometimes be a delay of one to two working days between dispatching your order and obtaining the shipment tracking number from our vendor’s warehouse depending on where the item is based in USA, Canada, or China. If you have not received a tracking number from us, it probably means that your order is not shipped out yet. Just be patient!

Most orders take 1-3 business days to complete the verification, quality checks, packing and dispatch process. If you require additional information on the location of your order, please contact us from your account or email us through the address you received for after-sale communications, and we will assist you promptly. To learn more about our shipping, visit Shipping Info.

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